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We believe home textile is not only textile. You live with it. You grow with it. It reflects you. It becomes a part of your life.

We create elegant, chic, modern, easy care and high quality products in all kinds of colours for all kinds of environment in your house.


Meyteks was founded in 2000 by partners with extensive experience in the textile sector.

With an annual turnover of 10 Million USD, Meyteks is a premier manufacturer of home textile products, specialized in tablecloth and ready-made curtains. We also offer placemats, napkins, cushion covers, runners, skirting and chair covers. Fabrics on rolls in different widths and quality levels are also available.

Meyteks manufacures special fabrics and ready-made products for the Hospitality Market. In this field, we offer Special tablecloth fabrics which are specially created for the industrial use, ready-made table skirtings, chair covers, standing table covers.

We have 23 collections, with each having a wide colour and design range.

Our production line starts at fabric weaving and dyeing to the finishing and quality control process. As we are a fully integrated factory we have the means to respond to any wish of our customers enabling to create their own exclusive collections.

The vision of the company is based on customer satisfaction by the definition of their needs translated in the creation of our products in combination with the provision of excellent services.

We believe that it is central to adapt our production and products to the changing trends and to respond to the demands. The flexible and flat structure of the company is consistent with our vision.